“Raevv’n has an innate ability to understand the tone that a client is listening for, and then consistently lay down reads that hit the mark…”

Craig Mason, Voice and Casting Director

“Her accomplishments in landing multiple Voice Of campaigns is a testament to her brilliant performances…”

Maddie O’Hara, Talent Agent

"She will challenge you to reach beyond your edge of growth and bring to life complex characters rooted in story, truth and vitality..."

Bianca Melchior, Actress

"A creative and collaborative coach with a keen sense of character psychology..."

Michelle Coburn, Actress

"Raevv'n's patience and expertise helped me find truth and character intention in a very challenging scene - which helped me land my agent..."

James Kenny, Actor

"Raevv'n has the whole package. I think all of these qualities would make her a wonderful teacher..."

Harry Knazan, Voice Director

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