About Me


Growing up with musicians for parents, I immediately found a deep love and appreciation for voice work in all of its different facets. With a total of 16 years of training in Opera, Classical, Jazz and Musical Theatre, I developed a unique and diverse approach to finding my voice.

Six years ago, I finally stepped into the commercial voice-over world and was lucky enough to book my first audition that resulted in a three year US National contract. Ever since then, I’ve had the ultimate privilege to voice many other campaigns for a variety of international clients, including being the voice of Tim Hortons for three years. Throughout my experience, I have developed an ear for what makes a read bookable, unique and, most importantly, leaves casting wanting more.

My approach to voice-over work is rooted in musicality, instinct, and natural performances. I would love nothing more than to share what I have learned with others who are interested in paving their own paths in this industry.


Just like many other performers, I started acting at a very young age. I had a knack for memorizing full scripts — even when my role only called for knowing a few pages — and a passion that I couldn’t quit when it came to bringing characters to life. Nothing made me happier as a child, and that sentiment rings true to this very day. Acting is fundamental to me and I deeply love being an Actor.

Throughout my 15 years of training in theatre and film/television (DareDen, CCOC, RHSA, Humber Theatre, Armstrong Acting Studios), I am proud to have built a set of skills in auditioning that continues to result in positive comments from casting, alongside bookings.

Through honest feedback, kind encouragement and deep creative exploration, I am confident that I can support you in the pursuit of your most compelling, authentic and nuanced work.

From Indie Films and Web Series, to Netflix productions, my experience allows me to offer a keen eye in helping you make your tapes top quality.

“Raevv’n has an innate ability to understand the tone that a client is listening for, and then consistently lay down reads that hit the mark…”

Craig Mason, Voice and Casting Director

“Her accomplishments in landing multiple Voice Of campaigns is a testament to her brilliant performances…”

Maddie O’Hara, Talent Agent

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