As a casting director, I have directed Raevv’n many times in the past 6 years and she has booked numerous successful national campaigns. Raevv’n is a consummate professional. She is always positive, listens carefully and takes direction well. From a casting perspective, Raevv’n has an innate ability to understand the tone that a client is listening for, and then consistently lay down reads that hit the mark. I feel these are key components of her success in commercial voice.

Craig Mason, Voice and Casting Director at Kim Hurdon Casting (Voice-Over)

The formula is quite simple: Coaching with Raevv’n Leedham equals compelling, nuanced, authentic and intelligent story telling. With respect and compassion, she will challenge you to reach beyond your edge of growth and bring to life complex characters rooted in story, truth and vitality. A gifted performer herself, Raevv’n loves actors and knows how to collaborate with them to inspire their best work whether it be for screen, stage or behind the microphone. I know this because I’ve experienced it time and time again. Trust me, you’ve found your coach!

Bianca Melchior, Actress (On-Camera)

Raevv’n’s talents in voice work were clear from the start. Her notable textured voice brought new life to any copy and her spot-on recording techniques demonstrated her strengths with inflection and pacing. When working with Raevv’n, I consistently received positive feedback from clients and recording studios alike who were delighted with the earliest of products she delivered. This embedded much trust in her abilities and drive from the get-go. Her accomplishments in landing multiple Voice Of campaigns is a testament to her brilliant performances and ability to deliver high quality work which captivates an audience!

Maddie O’Hara, Talent Agent at CDA (Voice-Over)

Raevv'n's patience and expertise helped me find truth and character intention in a very challenging scene - which helped me land my agent. I look forward to our next coaching experience together!

James Kenny, Actor (On-Camera)

Raevv'n is a unique voice talent. She brings a youthful energy to all our sessions, along with the professionalism of an industry veteran. She's versatile - able to go from contemplative and emotional to bright, energetic, and everything in between. She takes the time to fully understand what the client is looking for, always providing options, interpretations and suggestions of things to try. I'm sure she can impart these skills and spirit to anyone willing to learn.

Adam Damelin, Voice Director/Partner/Composer at Eggplant Music & Sound (Voice-Over)

Raevv’n is a creative and collaborative coach with a keen sense of character psychology. Her encouraging and patient directing allows for grounded, subtle and authentic performances. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to knock their next self tape out of the park!

Michelle Coburn, Actress (On-Camera)

I've worked with Raevv'n on a few projects as both a voice director and sound engineer. Each time has been a fantastic experience. She has a great voice that is unique and memorable. It's polished, professional and works perfectly as the voice of major international brands, while always retaining a unique, engaging quality that gives it a personal feel. Her voice feels fresh, engaging and never too "sell-y". In addition to her talent, she's friendly, professional and patient. She's a great listener and takes direction and feedback very well, which to me, is an essential quality for a voice actor. She understands and is able to deliver both what myself, and the clients are looking for every time. When it comes to voice, Raevv'n has the whole package. I think all of these qualities would make her a wonderful teacher.

Harry Knazan, Voice Director at OSO Audio (Voice-Over)

Raevv'n's insight has been invaluable to me. Whenever I work through audition material with her, I leave in a much more grounded place, and the best of my work is able to shine through.

Joanna Areti, Actress (On-Camera)

Raevv’n’s artistic gifts do not end behind the camera or on the stage… She is an absolute treasure behind the microphone! Her extensive professional experience, innate talent, passion for the work and kind nature make her the ultimate coach! She has opened my ears to the nuances that create a stand out, layered performance, and helped me trust myself and grow into a stronger voiceover artist. I can’t recommend her enough! Thank you Raevv’n!!!

Bianca Melchior, Actress (Voice-Over)

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